• Are you a small town or rural business owner who strives to provide the best experiences for your guests, clients & customers?
  • Do you often feel overlooked in the conversations within your industry because so many of your counterparts are in or near urban centers?
  • Do you find marketing advice is just too complicated for the simplicity you strive for in life and business?

My favourite and most important people are small town small business owners who believe in Community Connected Commerce and want to build businesses that are profitable and enjoyable, despite the challenges!

This is where I share the tidbits learned and the programs I'm running along with recommendations for tools I've been using to help my clients achieve their goals - some of it is the same as what I share on Facebook and the other socials - but some of it is exclusive to the list - because I truly do appreciate you giving up your email address to let us share in your space and journey.

I am quite chatty - but I do try to keep as focused as I'm able to keep things relevant and useful to you - and I'm always open to feedback so that I can serve your needs better. 


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